Framework for selecting BIM LOD & Schedule Levels in ALICE Pro

Projects can start with ALICE at the conceptual level with summary schedules and continue to develop their schedule levels in ALICE through preconstruction and execution as more information becomes available and trade partners are involved. 





Step 1: Project phase will help determine your 3D model LOD 

Step 2: Available data and value objectives will help select your schedule level


Example Scenarios: 

If you are working on a commercial or infrastructure tender in the conceptual phase with a one week turn around -- We recommend using a LOD 100 model and a level 1-2 schedule. 

If you are working on a hard bid for an infrastructure project under $100M with a quick turnaround -- We recommend a LOD 100 model with a Level 1-2 schedule.

If you are working on alternative delivery (design/build) on a mega project with 6+ months of planning in the bid phase -- We recommend planning with a LOD 100 model and a Level 1 or 2 schedules in the first weeks, and further detail to Level 3 as information becomes available to help de-risk and optimize your bid strategy.

Important Note: 

The ALICE schedule may be more detailed than your baseline schedule or the schedule you submit in the bid, but you should be able to easily compare your baseline by sharing a common WBS with the ALICE schedule.  

Example of dynamic scheduling levels for concrete in ALICE recipes:


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