Product Newsletter: January + February 2023


Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback about ALICE! We have been listening and working to build the best generative construction simulation solution. Here are the improvements that have been completed in January and February:

New features

  • Export Driving Constraints in CSV: You can now see the driving predecessors as well as the reason (Crew, Material, Milestone, etc.) in the CSV export of each schedule.
    • Benefits: This will add new depth to schedule analyses outside of ALICE, for example, one can now determine whether a schedule is mostly driven by precedence (near saturation) or resources, and if so, which resources are most critical to the project. Note Milestones currently do not have task IDs, so the ID will be displayed as N/A but this will be improved soon.


  • Distinguish between critical and driving predecessors: Now users can differentiate between driving predecessors (the reason your selected activity cannot start sooner) vs critical predecessors (ones that if delayed, will affect the project completion or deadlines). On top of that, we can now see the time gap between each predecessor and the selected activity.
    • Benefits: Planners and schedulers who are interrogating ALICE solutions can now more easily understand what’s driving different activities as well as the project as a whole. They can now also access standard criticality metrics without having to export to another system. This increases the trust in the ALICE output at the level of the user which hopefully propagates to other project stakeholders.




  • Add column separation lines in Gantt: As part of the Gantt 2.0 testing feedback response, we are adding separation lines between the Gantt columns and a visual distinction for line separating columns from the Gantt bars.
  • Ability to use element names in the 'Edit Data' table: You can now use element names instead of their IDs in the ‘supports log’ tab of the ‘edit data’ table. This makes it easier for users to manage support assignments from a tabular format as well as use this feature to replicate logic from an external schedule (P6 or MSP). Note: this means that duplicate element names should be removed before using this feature.
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