Product Newsletter: March 2023

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback about ALICE! We have been listening and working to build the best generative construction simulation solution. Here are the improvements that have been completed in March:


New features

  • New Filter Builder on the Analyze page. This includes the ability to:
      • Filter by custom property values
      • Filter by custom property value ranges
      • Filter by a combination of resources of the same type
      • Use of and AND/OR logic when combining filtering criteria
        • Note: AND/OR toggles currently exist within relevant criteria but not across them
      • Benefits: Now you can retrieve key project information from the schedule more quickly and analyze scopes in isolation. We believe this will give users increased confidence in the ALICE-generated schedules and make it easier to share schedule information with relevant stakeholders.



  • Hide prefixes for Custom WBS headers: Prefixes for non-numeric custom properties are now hidden in WBS headers on the Analyze page. This allows users to match the exact required WBS structure for their projects and export that to P6 if needed. It also improves readability gives users a more friendly experience. Note: Based on user feedback, prefixes will still be shown for numeric properties.
  • Double click to adjust Gantt column width: Based on feedback regarding the recent release of ‘additional Gantt columns’ on the Analyze page, we’ve added the ability to double click to automatically adjust column width so that the content fits. This works in both directions (when the width is too narrow or too large).
  • Retain WBS Expand/Collapse state: Based on feedback from the upcoming Gantt 2.0 initiative, we now save WBS Expand/Collapse state and preserve that through columns editing as well as navigation by logic (using the select feature in relationship details). Note: this doesn’t apply to refreshing the page
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