Analyze: Cost-over-time Curve

The Cost-over-time curve provides a cumulative tally of “as-planned” costs spent over time for any given schedule.

To learn how costs are calculated with ALICE, please refer to this article: Schedule Cost Calculations

The curve includes multiple lines:

  • Total (black)

  • Labor (red)

  • Idle Labor (purple)

  • Equipment (green)

  • Material (blue)



The tool-tip indicator breaks those costs down even further to:


  • Direct

  • Idle


  • Direct

  • Idle


  • Consumable

  • Reusable


Cost-over-time CSV Export

While all costs are cumulative in the curve and tooltip, the CSV export provides a day by day utilization that is not cumulative.

The columns represent each day, and the rows represent each cost code/category/group.


The cost groups are as follows:

For each Crew separately

  • Direct Labor Cost
  • Idle Labor Cost
  • Total Labor Cost

For each Equipment (includes cranes) separately:

  • Direct Equipment Cost
  • Idle Equipment Cost
  • Total Equipment Cost

For Materials

  • Consumable Cost
  • Reusable Cost

Cost Totals section:

Labor Cost totals by Subcontractor

Labor Cost totals (all crews from all subs summed up)
  • Total
  • Direct
  • Idle
Equipment Cost totals
  • Total
  • Direct
  • Idle
Material Cost totals:
  • Consumable
  • Reusable
  • Sum of Consumable and Reusable

Project Total


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