Analyze: Working with Critical Path

If tasks that are on the critical path delay, the whole project will be delayed (if no re-sequencing occurs). The critical path in ALICE allows teams to identify the most important tasks in a project and can be beneficial during the Pre-construction phase with plan review and validation, strategy selection, stakeholder agreement, and project management decision-making in the Execution phase. 

Therefore, it’s important to be able to highlight and clearly visualize it on the Gantt chart. This can be achieved by clicking "Enable Criticality" and toggling on the “Show Critical Path”. 



Critical Path relationships and logics are represented by red arrows and hatches. It is possible to see the driving constraint type by hovering over an arrow: precedence or resource-driven, successors and predecessors



The critical path can be isolated from the "Filter Builder" to clearly visualize and analyze only the critical path. 



The following video provides an overview of all Criticality Features. 

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