Tutorial: How to Saturate Resources for Schedule Optimization




1. The first step is to open Solutions in ALICE and click What If to schedule new simulations.

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2. Click Saturate all resources to default all available crews on the job to unlimited (∞). ALICE will explore a multitude of resource allocations, and recommend optimized crew mixes based on the updated constraints.

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3. Name your new scenario run and describe whats different

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4. Click Run Scenario to schedule the updated constraints and generate new scenarios. ALICE will search for the fastest duration at the lowest cost.

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5. Right click on the three dots

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6. Click Copy to generate new schedule scenarios building on the copied sceaniros constraints.

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7. Click Describe What's Different in this scenario. In this scenario, we are going to saturate crews and equipment.

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8. Click on equipment and saturate all resources in the equipment tab.

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9. Congrats!
You can see a range of possibilities based on simulating crew and equipment constraints and saturations
You now have the skills to help optimize critical resources on your projects.

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10. You can check the box on multiple solutions to compare whats different and click analyze solution to dive into the simulation.

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** Best experienced in Full Screen (click the icon in the top right corner before you begin) **


Next step

This clickable tutorial teaches you how to run a saturation of crews, equipment and materials to optimize resources and scheduling solutions in the explore page. 

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