Supported Use Cases for ALICE Core and ALICE Pro 

The ALICE platform is built to help planners and project teams working on large-scale, high-value projects.

Supported Project Stages

Core and Pro support Bidding/Tender and Preconstruction. Core can be utilized on projects in execution however as-built statusing is not yet supported.

Supported Project Types

Core is designed to support a wide range of project types.

Industrial: Oil and gas, nuclear, solar & wind, manufacturing, semi-fab, data centers

Infrastructure: Tunnels, roads, bridges, heavy and light rail

Supported Customer Types

General Contractors, EPCs, Owners, Consultants

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there use cases that are supported in Core but not Pro, or Pro but not Core?

In terms of project stage or project type, there are no major differences in supported use cases. Concepting or planning from scratch works better in Pro. 



To learn more check out What is the Difference between ALICE Core and Pro? 

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