Importing your P6 schedule to ALICE

ALICE supports imports from Oracle's P6 product. This article explains how to prepare your schedule for import and describes how common P6 data are handled in ALICE.

  • Schedules with and without actualized tasks can be imported. To learn more about how ALICE handles actualized tasks in imported schedules, click here.
  • Schedules with and without assigned resources can be imported. To learn more about how to assign and manage resources in ALICE, click here.

Primavera P6 Import File Format & Version Compatibility 

Users can Import a resource-loaded or a non-resource-loaded schedules in XER or XML format. For detailed instructions on how to create a new project from an imported P6 file, click here.

ALICE Core is compatible with all XER versions from v5.0 onward, Primavera Contractor XERs v6.1 and later, Oracle Primavera Cloud XER and XML, and P6 XML format files generated from Tilos. 

Note for ALICE Pro users: schedules can also be exported in XML format from Pro and imported to Core 

Imported Resource Logic

Imported Crew Resource Data

All the below fields will be displayed in the Resources tab, in the Crews section.

  • Crew Name
    • Crew names from your existing schedule will be imported and appear in the Resources tab.
  • Imported Resource Peak 
    • Calculated Peak of resource histogram from the imported schedule. 
    • This number cannot be modified and is a helpful benchmark of your P6 assumptions before optioneering in Alice.
      • To modify the workforce peak in Alice-generated solutions use the max units/time variable explained below.  
  • Max Units/Time 
    • The initial value is imported from your P6 schedule
    • Max available workforce for crew type
  • Default Units/Time (applies to tasks) 
      • The initial value is imported from your P6 schedule
      • This is used to estimate Planned Labor Units = Crews required for task * # of work hours in original duration and relevant task calendar
  • Calendar for Crews  
        • Your default crew calendar default in P6 is imported as your crew calendar in Alice 

Handling of Budgeted Labor Units 

ALICE Core imports budgeted labor units, actual labor units, and remaining labor units from the original P6 file.

ALICE estimates your planned labor units using duration*default units/time (workforce required for tasks). This figure appears in a column available on the Plan page labeled Planned Labor Units.  

ALICE Core utilizes the concept of budgeted labor units to optimize resource loading. ALICE calculates the minimum resources required per task and the peak number of resources required for the project based on your histogram peak from P6. 





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