Importing your P6 schedule to ALICE Core

Preparing your P6 schedule for Import to ALICE CORE

ALICE Core facilitates integration with legacy CPM software Oracle P6 and allows users to import their P6 schedule into the platform. The constraint resolution and optimization benefits of the ALICE AI engine have been adapted for task-based scheduling. This article explains how to prepare your schedule for import and plan in the platform. 

Primavera P6 Import File Format & Version Compatibility 

Users can Import a resource-loaded or a non-resource-loaded schedules in XER or XML format. 

ALICE Core is compatible with all XER versions from v5.0 onward, Primavera Contractor XERs v6.1 and later, Oracle Primavera Cloud XER and XML, and P6 XML format files generated from Tilos. 

Note for ALICE Pro users: Schedules can also be exported in XML format from Pro and imported to Core 

Drag and drop your P6 file for import 

Once the import process is complete (anticipate 1 to 5 minutes depending on the file size) you enter the Plan page where you can view and modify your baseline schedule in a task-based Gantt view.



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