Introduction to the ALICE Core Plan Page

Customize your view with column sorting and filters 

Double-click on the column headers to search, select, hide, and re-order your visible columns  

Drag that Gantt divider to resize or double-click collapse all to fully collapse the Gantt and view all metadata columns in tabular format.

Note: hover your mouse over an area for a tooltip on functionality 

Plan Page Shortcuts and Filters 

Zoom in and out of your Gannt

Show or hide arrow

Expand or collapse all WBS levels 


Click the filter builder to filter data by task name, code, crews, properties, and/or resources. Filters are especially helpful for schedule analysis, resource assignment, and bulk removal of preferential logic.

Note: to filter for the critical path users should jump to the explore page and open a scheduled scenario. The criticality filter is activated on the analyze page of your solution.


Export your schedule data if you prefer to make bulk changes in Excel and import the updated schedule data in the Alice plan page to update your schedule with the Excel changes. 

  • Please keep the same format in the Excel sheet to maintain import functionality.
    • Don’t move or delete columns, this will cause import errors. 


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