Introduction to the Plan Page

In this article, you will learn the basics of the Plan page in ALICE Core. The Plan page is where users can make edits to a schedule.

Customize your view with column selection, sorting and criticality display 

The Plan page can be modified to show you the information that is most relevant to your needs.

To modify the columns that appear on the Plan page, you can right click and select 'Edit Columns'. From this view you may select, hide and drag to re-order your visible columns. 

To resize the width of the columns, you can click on the line that separates two cells in the header row to adjust the size, similar to how you would adjust a column width in Excel.

To expand the table view and minimize the Gantt view, click 'show all columns' or hover your mouse over the vertical divider and drag to customize where the two views split.

All these settings will be auto-saved by ALICE and appear next time you open the Plan page.


Tip: hover your mouse over an area for a tooltip on functionality 

To visually mark-up critical tasks or the longest path on your Gantt chart, use the Display toggles above the Gantt view. 

Build Filters on the Plan Page

The Plan page comes with a powerful filter tool that allows you to find the right information in your schedule.
Click the filter builder to filter data by many categories including task name, code, crew, properties, resources or criticality. The filter builder supports AND/OR logic.

Filters are helpful for schedule analysis, resource assignment, and bulk removal of preferential logic. 


Sort your Plan by WBS, Custom, or Crew and Drag and Drop to Organize Tasks

The tasks in a plan may be sorted by WBS or Crews. From within the WBS and Crew sorting views, you may select one or many tasks and drag them between categories.

Use the WBS sorting view to drag and drop tasks into the appropriate WBS category and quickly recategorize tasks to different WBS sections.

Use the Custom sorting view to create your own custom grouping based on any combination of crew, equipment and material.

Use the Crews sorting view to drag and drop tasks into the appropriate crew resource. By dragging a task into a crew section, you will assign that crew to that task. This can be a very fast and easy way to assign crews to tasks that don't yet have them assigned, especially when combined with filters.

Plan Page Shortcuts 

To collapse or expand to the desired level of your WBS, right-click anywhere in the Plan page and make your selection. You can also collapse or expand all from this menu, or Isolate Path to filter your view to only show tasks that precede or succeed the task selected.

This menu can also be used to add new tasks, duplicate existing tasks or delete tasks. 

Control the level of zoom on the Gantt chart, and toggle to show or hide arrows using the icons along the bottom of the Plan page. The Up arrow is a shortcut to scroll to the top of the page.

The Plan page supports several keyboard shortcuts to make navigation easier.

  • Left and right keyboard arrows move inside the current cell
  • Up and down keyboard arrows move between rows
  • Tab and shift tab move between different columns

Exporting and Importing Data via Excel

Bulk editing of data via Excel is supported by ALICE Core. Click the "Edit Data in Excel" button in the top right of the Plan page in order to use this feature. For a deeper dive into how to use this feature, click here.


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