How to Assess a Schedule in ALICE Core


How to assess the feasibility of your imported schedule and simulate the best scenarios to achieve your project plans. 

Guarantee Constraint Resolution 

In Oracle P6, the primary constraints can break precedence and resource logic. ALICE Core will present an error if Mandatory Start or Finish constraints break precedence logic or resource logic. The user must resolve the primary constraints by changing constraint dates or precedence logic to ensure schedule feasibility. 

Re-schedule in Core 

The “Reschedule” button updates the Gantt with changes made to the schedule. In the rescheduling process, Alice confirms that all precedence and scheduling constraint logic can be resolved. 

  • Earliest start pass 
  • Calculates free float 
  • Calculates total float 
  • Calculates Calendar Days

ALICE Core supports all of the hard and soft constraints that are available in Oracle P6 

There are 2 hard constraints in Oracle P6 

  • Mandatory Start 
  • Mandatory Finish 

**Unquie ALICE Value** 

ALICE Core supports all of the soft constraints available in Oracle P6 

  • As Late as Possible 
  • Start On Or After 
  • Start On 
  • Start On OR Before `
  • Finish ON
  • Finish On OR After 
  • Finish ON OR Before 

Similar to Oracle P6, ALICE Core will introduce negative lag for all tasks impacted by a soft constraint with a date that is not being met. 

Prevent resource overallocation

Users need to note that legacy CPM solutions (P6) allow for resource overallocations as part of the flexibility provided to users. 

New solutions simulated by Optioneering in ALICE ensure constraint satisfaction and prevent resource over-allocation.

ALICE dynamically shuffles project and task resources based on the project constraints and parametric durations to find the fastest duration, resolve scheduling constraints, and minimize labor peaks. 

Every solution scheduled with ALICE is mathematically feasible, abiding by primary constraints, logic constraints, and resource constraints. 

Optioneering Checklist for schedule assessment of common risks

Uncover hidden schedule busts

unchecked Compare your estimated peaks against the baseline peak calculated from the histogram to procure sufficient resources to achieve your planned dates

unchecked Analyze the critical path and resource load critical tasks to prevent resource over-allocations that can delay your project's execution   

Determine realistic resource needs

unchecked Explore scenarios by maximizing available project resources to determine which crews can reduce your duration. Let Alice recommend the optimal workforce type required 

unchecked Compare Alice's resource leveling to reduce planned crews that are not required to accelerate the schedule and allocate that time and money to adding crews that will optimize your duration 

Stress Test the schedule

unchecked Constrain the daily labor peak to simulate impacts on overall labor reductions and find the efficiency frontier between improving crew utilization and negatively impacting duration

unchecked Simulate resource constraints like 1 of each crew type available to forecast the impact of crew shortages - this can help you identify critical crews and ensure your procure sufficient resources to avoid major delay risks

unchecked Simulate the impact of delays to key access dates, procurement delays and design changes  


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