Value Outcomes Supported by ALICE Core

Value Outcomes Supported by ALICE Core

There are three main value outcomes supported by ALICE: 

  1. Identify and minimize risk
  2. Protect against losses
  3. Optimize to increase profit

This article will detail these three value outcomes and how they can create impact on a project.

Identify and Minimize Risk

With ALICE Core, users can import their P6 schedule and conduct advanced schedule assessment and assurance to determine whether on-time completion is possible with the given set of constraints. ALICE will show you exactly where infeasibilities occur and allow you to see where required resources are unrealistic. You can quickly resource load tasks to incorporate resourcing into the schedule assessment and identify areas of risk. And you can stress-test the schedule by simulating common schedule disruptions and measuring the resilience of the schedule.

What are the benefits?

  • Proactive risk management for anti-fragile projects that can respond to risk events (see this post for more information on anti-fragile projects)
  • Streamlined project controls and risk assessment
  • Data-driven decision-making for capital projects
  • Stress-test your schedules before you commit to them
  • Uncover hidden schedule busts
  • Feasible schedules delivered to the field for execution

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Trained users can identify and minimize risk with Core in as little as 1-2 hours.

Read the guide to learn how to identify and minimize risk with ALICE Core.

Protect Against Losses

Core allows users to address the risks surfaced during schedule assessment and ensure on-time completion of the baseline. Through a rapid iteration process, users can alter problematic logic and see the impact of changes on their milestones and completion date. Users can remove preferential logic, giving ALICE’s optimization engine the power to algorithmically allocate resources while finding more efficient sequences that do not violate any hard constraints. change the logic to be more resilient. 

What are the benefits?

  • Fully resource-loaded schedules with optimal crew and equipment mix
  • Robust anti-fragile plans
  • Alternative paths to construction, finding the least cost / risky plan
  • Analysis of variables that impact the schedule, including productivity
  • Optimum resource allocation
  • Removed user and program bias  
  • Contingency plans to protect against losses
  • Solutions that can be repeated on future projects 

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Read the guide to learn how to protect against losses with ALICE Core 

Trained users can protect against losses with Core in as little as 4-8 hours.

Optimize to Increase Profit

Core allows users to find faster, less expensive or otherwise more optimal ways to build their project through simulation, optimization and value engineering. We recommend that users do a schedule assessment and protect the baseline against losses prior to optimizing to increase profit. This way, you’re starting your optimizations on a high quality, resilient, low-risk schedule. 

What are the benefits?

  • Value engineered schedule providing a low cost solution
  • Value optioneered schedules determining proper cost and risk trade offs
  • Ability to simulate different means and methods
  • Tested design concepts for feasibility
  • Aligned schedule to specific milestones and project goals
  • Prioritized plans to accomplish owner/contractor goals to unlock incentive programs.
  • Data to support decisions around spending money to accelerate key scopes

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Read the guide to learn how to optimize to increase profit.

Trained users can optimize to increase profit with Core in as little as 20-40 hours.

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