Release Notes February 2024

In February we expanded the Alice platform offering and use cases with the release of a new product that imports P6 schedules and enables customers to start simulating scenarios in a few minutes. Alice Core puts the power of Alice (constraint resolution, optimization, automation) in the hands of all schedulers and planners. BIM models are not required, and the Core interface is intended to be familiar and intuitive for schedulers. Core was developed as a response to your requests for a version of the software that did not require 3D models and could import your existing P6 schedule. 

We believe Core will make it easier for you to implement Alice on your job and share the benefits of generative scheduling with your team.  

Value Props of ALICE Core for bidding, pre-construction, and project controls 

  1. Perform generative schedule assessment 
    • Rapidly simulate common risks and find busts in your schedule
    • Forecast resource over-allocations and guarantee constraint resolution 
  2. Protect against losses
    • Build an anti-fragile plan to dynamically allocate resources and increase efficiency 
  3. Optimize to increase profit
    • Optimize duration, resources, and scheduling constraints to keep up with job demands 

We’re happy to see core users extracting valuable insights within a few minutes of importing their P6 schedule to Core. Please reach out to your Customer Success team if you are interested in enrolling in our Core Enablement Program.

Below are a few of the exciting new features in ALICE Core that unlock the parametrization of CPM schedules and empower users to optioneer their P6 schedules faster than ever.

(click links for enablement documentation and how-to guides) 

  • Import P6 XER and XML (360 compatibility with CPM) 
    • No 3D model required, 
    • No setup effort to see your P6 in ALICE
    • Import P6 resource loading, calendars, tasks, precedence, constraints, and progress  Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 1.04.16 PM.png

                  Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 1.08.39 PM.png 

  • Build duration formulas for task-based schedules 
    • enable parametric scheduling of your P6 using metadata (rates, quantities, resources) and let Alice intelligently schedule for optimization 
  • Assign Min-Max crew range to tasks 
    • set a min-max crew range for each task and let Alice dynamically allocate crews to reduce durations depending on a task's criticality

        Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 3.40.00 PM.png

  • Excel import and export of your plan 
    • Excel whizzes can import their plan make bulk edits, write formulas, and import the updated Excel to update their plan in Alice  
  • Print to PDF from the Analyze page 
    • Share your solutions with customers and contractors.
    • Click Command-P (or your print shortcut) to save to PDF
    • print view resizes to fit the schedule on your pageScreenshot 2024-02-15 at 3.51.48 PM.png

Links to enablement articles below


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