Release Notes March +April 2024

We recently released an exciting set of features focused on making ALICE Core easier to use, and applicable to more use cases than ever before. Here are the highlights.

Plan Improvements:

Major Features:

Additional Improvements:

  • Budgeted Labor Units column added to Core Plan page 
    • Use budgeted labor units imported directly from the P6 file in a duration equation with the code "task.blu" to simulate your schedules with more accuracy. (This field is read-only)
  • Criticality tools added to the Core Plan page
    • Toggle to display critical tasks and the longest path using the 'Display' button. 
    • Filters now support criticality - filter to show only critical tasks or the longest path.
  • Keyboard shortcuts in Core
    • Left and right keyboard arrows move inside the current cell
    • Up and down arrows to move between rows 
    • Tab/Shift tab to move between different columns
  • Drag and drop tasks in Core
    • Users can select one or multiple tasks and move them to update a schedule.
    • In the WBS sort view, drag and drop to move tasks from one WBS category to another. 
    • In the Crew sort view, drag and drop to assign crews to tasks (ex. drag a task to the 'Carpentry crew' section to assign that crew to that task).
  • Expand and collapse WBS to desired level in Core
    • Right click to collapse or expand the WBS to the desired level. You'll also find some handy shortcuts when you right click - such as editing the columns displayed.

Explore Improvements:

  • Milestone and Production Rate Optioneering in Core
    • Modify milestone dates or production rates from the explore page to rapidly create scenarios based on changes to these values.


Analyze Improvements:

  • Saved WBS Views in Core
    • When users create a custom WBS selection it now is saved and will be the default view across all Gantt charts in ALICE.

  • ALICE-generated resource logic included in exports in Core
    • Exported schedules now include logic that was added by ALICE to account for resource constraints. 
    • Upon import into P6, the comments section of the task will explain the reasoning for the logic tie (ex. equipment constraint - crane).


Platform Improvements:

  • Subscription end date notifications in Core and Pro
    • In-App alerts for users when their subscription end date is approaching so that any service interruptions can be prevented by renewing the subscription.

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