Tutorial: Calculate Task Duration by using Production Rates and Custom Properties

If you are looking for instructions on how to use Production Rates and Custom Properties in your ALICE projects, then you are in the right place!

To learn more about how duration formulas work and why to use them, check out this article

For a more hands-on experience, navigate through the player for an interactive walk-through, or if you prefer a more detailed approach, scroll down for a step-by-step guide:



Duration formula:

  1. In the Gantt chart, "right-click" and select "Edit Columns."
  2. Select "Planned Duration Formula (hours)" and "Custom Property: Concrete Quantity" and click "Done" to add those columns to the Gantt chart. 
  3. Click More Info next to Planned Duration Formula (hours)
  4. This opens the window containing all possible variables that can be used in duration formulas
  5. In the Custom Properties tab, click to copy the task.udf.Concrete_Quantity parameter
  6. Go back to the Gantt chart, double-click on the Planned Duration Formula cell for specific operation, and paste the copied parameter
  7. Once pasted, continue to enter the required mathematical action. In this case, use the division "/"
  8. Go back to the Production Rates tab and copy the required parameter
  9. Come back to the formula cell and paste the last parameter to complete the formula
    • Formula example: task.udf.Concrete_Quantity / pr.concrete_pouring_m3_hour
  10. Once the formula is complete, the Planned Duration will be updated accordingly
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