Create a New Project From Scratch

In many cases, users may want to take advantage of the task-based generative construction power of ALICE, but cannot or do not want to start with an existing P6 schedule. Example use cases include:

  • Plan from scratch to rapidly test out ideas on an early phase project that does not have have a P6 schedule
  • Simulate and optimize a project that already has a schedule, but not in a P6 format (ie Tilos, Excel, MSP etc)
  • Start a new project and use bits and pieces of existing schedules as a starting point
  • Re-baseline an existing project and preferring to start fresh with no bias rather than importing the current baseline

ALICE Core fully supports these use cases, which we refer to as "starting from scratch". 

Two ways to build a schedule when starting from scratch

In Core users can import data from existing sources using the Excel export/import tool, or create schedule data directly inside of ALICE Core. Users can leverage both of these methods in combination as desired.

  1. Excel Export/Import: This method is helpful in cases where existing data sources are available. For example, users can import a list of crews, or bulk create tasks. Users who enjoy working in Excel might also prefer to build a schedule this way, even without existing data. Read the full documentation here.  
  2. Create schedule data in ALICE: Within the software, users can create new tasks, duplicate tasks, assign logic, and drag and drop tasks to organize the schedule. Crews can be assigned in bulk using the bulk assign functionality. Read the full documentation here.


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