Tutorial: How to Compare scenarios on the Explore Page

If you are looking for instructions on how to compare scenarios in your ALICE projects, then you are in the right place!

For a more hands-on experience, navigate through the player for an interactive walk-through, or if you prefer a more detailed approach, scroll down for a step-by-step guide:


Compare Scenarios:

  1. In the Explore page, click on the dot (scenario) to open the scenario summary.
  2. Check the Compare box on the upper-left of the summary
  3. Click outside and select the second dot (scenario) you want to compare with
  4. In the scenario summary, check the Compare box
  5. Once the dots are selected, click on Compare Solutions on the upper-right of the Explore page

Metrics Comparison:

In the Metrics tab, ALICE allows you to compare:

  1. Duration (Days)
    • Calendar Days
    • CPM Working Days
    • Working Days

  2. Overall Crew Utilization

  3. Project Cost
    • Total Cost
    • Direct Cost
    • Idle Cost
    • Indirect Cost

Parameters Comparison:

  1. In the Parameters tab, ALICE allows the user to compare the usage (Available/Used) of:
    • Labor
    • Equipment
    • Material
    • Rates
    • Crane
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