Recipes: Connect Operation (External Operation) in ALICE Pro

In the majority of construction sequences, an element must be fully completed before the next one can begin. However, there are often cases where this is not true.

Example case 1: Consider a concrete column that rests on top of a slab. We might wish to put in a rebar for the column immediately after doing so for the slab. In other words, work on the slab should be interrupted midway (the concrete has not yet been poured, etc.) in order to start work on the column above.

Example case 2: Suppose a building is composed of floors that are each split into two different slabs. Work can proceed concurrently on both slabs, but the slabs must be poured together at the same time. We cannot model this with a single, standard slab recipe because we need some sort of special linkage between the pour operations of both slabs.

To use the Connect Operation

  • Open the required recipe. The Connect Operation locates below the Recipe Name 


  • Select the Recipe and Operation you want to connect. Click Add Connection.
  • NOTE: External operations always come with green color
  •  Connect the External Operation with the desired operation. Define the relationship type and lag hours. 




NOTE: An external relation will only be created between elements that have the respective recipes assigned and have a support relation between them. Thus, in the example above: If the floors support the columns above, external relations would only be applied between each floor and the columns that are supported by it -- not all 200 columns.


For more use-cases and instructions, please watch the video below: 


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