Recipe Fundamentals in ALICE Pro

Ever heard of a construction recipe? Don't worry. Recipes contain the tasks required to complete a given scope of work. Each task contains the resources required to complete the task, such as crew, equipment, and materials. 

To create Recipes

  • Go to the "Recipes" tab on the top right side
  • In the "Recipe List", click"+ New Recipe"
  • In the empty recipe, define a recipe name and click  mceclip2.png  button to create an operation 


  • Type operation name and assign all necessary resources
  • Go to the "Duration" tab, and define operation duration
  • NOTE: All durations in ALICE are being calculated in hours
  • Close the operation tab, and create 4 more


  • Connect the task cards to one another to create relationship precedence
  • Click and hold the blue dot on the task card, and drag to the next one 


  • NOTE: Be sure to connect "Previous Element" to the first task and last task to "Next Element"
  • For each connection, you can edit the relationship type and add lag hours


To assign Recipe to group or element

  • In the 3D view, select the group(s) or element(s), and click "Assign Recipe"


  • Assign the required recipe from the "Recipe List"

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