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Cranes are the crucial equipment of any type of construction. They can massive impact on construction flow and it is crucial to have full control during each project phase. 

ALICE allows users to control the Radius, Move Time, Qty Available, Locations, Direct and Idle Cost

To create and use Cranes in ALICE: 

  • Open the Project Resources and go to the Cranes tab
  • Click  mceclip1.png , define Crane name, Radius, Move Time, Qty Available, and Cost. 
  • Idle Cost calculation is optional 
  • Click Save 


  • The next step is to  simply specify the crane locations in the 3D view 
  • Go to the 3D View and active Crane Location feature from the toolbar below
  • From Crane Properties, select the required Crane and adjust Crane parameters as needed



  • Do double left-click in 3D view to create Crane Location. 
  • Define Location Name from Location Properties


  • Pick and move the crane location to your building. The elements which fall under crane reach will be highlighted by green color
  • Do double left-click in 3D view to create one more Crane Location.
  • Adjust the second crane location accordingly. 
  • NOTE: Change the interface background color if it is difficult to see the passive crane locations


  • Click on the Crane Location feature again to finish the process


  • The final step is to assign the mobile crane to the operations (tasks) in Recipes.
  • In the required operation, go to the Crane tab and assign the necessary Crane


For more use-cases and instructions, please watch the video below:

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