Analyze: Crew Utilization

For any single crew, the Crew Utilization in a project is defined as:

Days Worked / Total Work Days on site

* It is important to remember that ALICE uses hours instead of days as the base unit of time
** Calendars are fully accounted for. So if a crew is on a 4 day workweek (i.e. working Monday to Thursday), they will have 4 working days in a week.

Example 1

Crew A is on a 4 day work calendar with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. In the project, they perform work on Monday and Tuesday in the first week and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the following week and then finish. The Crew Utilization for Crew A is visualized as:


This example results in a Crew Utilization of 62% for Crew A.

Crew Utilization = Days Worked / Total Work Days on site = 5 / 8 = 0.625 or 62%

Example 2

Crew B is on a 5 day calendar. Here is Crew B’s time-sheet for a project:


Here the Crew Utilization for Crew B is 86%.

Crew Utilization = Days Worked / Total Work Days on site = 13 / 15 or 86%

Crew Utilization in ALICE

ALICE computes Crew Utilization across all crews and shows the average crew utilization on the analyze page.

The Crew Utilization chart below on the right shows the working crews by day for the duration of the project.

The utilization color-coded per crew so you can intuitively see what the crew composition is on the site on each day.


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