CIM Development: V. Linked Models for ALICE (Revit)

When part of the scheduling scope is contained in a linked model within your project, then there are chances that the geometry might not populate when CIM is uploaded to ALICE.

Therefore, the safest solution is to make sure that the geometry that comprises the construction scope is included in a single project file. On this basis, you will need to “copy” the content of the linked model into the host model file.

There are 2 options to export linked files:

Option 1 - Instead of copy/pasting the model or parts of it, perform the following steps:

  1. In the drawing area, select the linked model.
  2. Click Modify >  RVT Links tab > Link panel > (Bind Link).
  3. In the Bind Link Options dialog, select the elements and datum to include in the group.
  4. Check Attached Details in order to  Include view-specific detail elements as an attached detail group
  5. Click OK

The above process converts the linked model into a group which you can ungroup later simply by:

  1. Select the group in the drawing area.
  2. Click Modify tab > Group panel > (Ungroup).

Option 2 - When exporting the model, Please select "Covert linked file". Once selected, Revit will export your linked file as well.




If the professions in Revit, such as architecture, structure, or MEP are linked in one central model, it is strongly recommended to export them separately from Revit, combine or merge them together in Nawiswork and import to ALICE as one finale model.




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