Resources: Crews and Subcontractors

Crews are one of the resources that you can create and track using ALICE. Any task can require a crew to be available in order for that work to be scheduled. 


To create a crew and subcontractor : 

  • Go to the Resources tab located in the upper right 
  • In the Labor tab, you have two options: Create Crew and Create Subcontractor


NOTE: Subcontractors can have multiple crews assigned to them

  • Click + Create Subcontractor
  • Define Subcontractor name, and Trade in the Info tab
  • Click Save to finish the process
  • NOTE: Other fields are optional


  • Now, let's add crew to that subcontractor 
  • Click "+Add Crew" to add crew 


  • Enter:
    Crew Name, Available number of crews for the entire project,
    Person number in each crew, 
    Cost per hour,
    Assign Calendar
    Turn on or off the Idle Cost calculation
  • Click "Create Labor" to finish the process
  • NOTE: With the same process, you can create crews without any subcontractor  
  • NOTE: All created crews are available to assign to tasks within your project recipes

For more use-cases and instructions, please watch the video below: 

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