Using Gantt Filters to Analyze a Schedule


Step 1: Click on the filters bar to open the Filter Builder

Step 2: Select your filter category and value(s)

Once the Filter Builder is open, you may choose the category you’d like to filter by:

  • Crew

  • Element

  • Equipment

  • Group

  • Material

  • Workweek

Once the Category is selected, you may choose between an “exact match” for the value, or a set of matches from a search.

  • To choose an exact match simply click on the match you’d like to choose

Note: you may use the search bar to find the match rather than scrolling through the list

  • To choose a set of matches, first use the search bar to load the desired set, then click on the “All” button to filter by that set.


Step 3: Enjoy analyzing the filtered content

Combining Multiple Filters

Combining filters allows the user to filter the intersection of multiple criteria requirements.

For example, choosing the “Crew: Concrete Crew” and the “Equipment: Concrete Pump” will filter only the activities that use both the Concrete Crew AND the Concrete Pump.

Since combining two exact matches from the same category will always return 0 results, clicking on different exact matches from the same category will simply replace the previous selection with the new one.

Clicking on different search sets or exact matches from different categories will combine the filters and display their intersection.

Removing Filters

To cancel a filter rule, simply click on the “X” sign next each rule.


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