CIM Development: III. Levels

Splitting the elements by levels is very important because we need to create a real-world scenario of how the model element would be constructed. For example, a concrete column would be constructed level by level, so we need to split them accordingly. Similarly, for a steel column, it can be split by a single level or multiple depending upon the construction method.

Assigning each element to its correct level is also equally important so that ALICE can read the Level parameters. Assigning the levels correctly would help you use the Auto Group feature to set up the grouping faster inside ALICE.

In ALICE, there is a tree-view with tabs, offering a structured presentation of the element information included in the BIM model (Img 1)

Each tab structures the element hierarchy in a different way:

  • Families: Structures elements by family and type according to Revit.
  • Levels: Structures elements according to their reference level in Revit.
  • Recipes: Structures elements based on the recipe assigned to them.

Therefore, if elements are well structured in the Revit model with a proper level reference, locating elements and generally handling the model will be much easier in ALICE.

mceclip0.png (Img 1: ALICE Tree View and Properties)


The levels can be changed or re-assigned also in the ALICE elements properties tab. (Img. 09)

Common Cases to Look out for

Vertical elements e.g., walls, columns:

Make sure the base constraint of the element is referring to the right level. Avoid easy “fixes” such as adding big offsets e.g., Wall appears physically in Level 4 but its base constraint is Level 1 with a 30’ offset.

Horizontal elements e.g., beams, slabs:

The same concept as vertical elements applies. Referencing slabs and foundations to the wrong level is quite uncommon, but nonetheless, watch-out for it. Regarding other horizontal elements like framing, make sure they are referenced to the same level as the slab on top of them (Img 2).

1.png (Image 2: Elevation view showing that slab and steel frame below are referenced)


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