CIM Development: IX. MEP Elements

In ALICE, MEP equipment e.g., Boxes is handled sufficiently. Therefore, in order to include the MEP in the scheduling scope, usually, a placeholder mass element is used to indicate the presence of an MEP zone i.e., Office HVAC heating zone.

If you need to schedule Mechanical, Electrical, and other services, you can add more layers to a simple cube, and in ALICE, use a custom UDF to assign any properties such as a number of MEP elements. ALICE will then use that Custom UDF to calculate the duration.


Adding User Define Fields or Custom Parameters for MEP services from element properties

Imagine a big building with many uses e.g. dining, offices, nursery, etc. In this building, the MEP layout will follow the usage types resulting in the creation of MEP zones for installation. These zones were modeled as masses in Revit and were assigned a distinct MEP recipe to account for the different durations for installation.

Mass elements as a placeholder for different MEP zones



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