CIM Export: Revit File Upload

The Construction Information Model (CIM) scope that will be populated in ALICE is whatever is included (i.e., visible) in the 3D view you are working in Revit. On that basis:

  1. Filter out/ Hide undesired elements or categories.
  2. It is recommended that you work in an ALICE-specific 3D view in order to avoid conflicts and confusion with views that have other purposes or may be referenced by other users.


  • Avoid working with the Central file as it may result in changes in the BIM design model, as CIM will probably need some adjustments compared to the BIM. Create a Local file instead and make sure all links to Central file are severed.
  • Make sure that the desired scope is visible in the 3D view intended for ALICE, so pay attention to visibility graphics, work sets, linked models and view filters.


Make sure you are in the 3D view that you want to export. Go to File > Export > NWC. Once selected, Click on "Navisworks settings" Follow setting shown below in image. Select "Convert construction parts" only if you have parts in you 3D view.mceclip0.png

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