CIM Export: Navisworks Export Settings

Navisworks can be helpful if you don’t have a CIM that is developed on Revit or you have multiple files and file formats. All the modeling tasks must be finished inside the native software prior to bringing it to Navisworks.  Following is the workflow to upload a Navisworks file to ALICE:mceclip0.png

  1. Export views as NWC from Revit or IFC from other platforms.
  2. Keep all the files in the same folder; this would make it easier to update files.
  3. Open NavisWorks and Click on Append and select all the files.
  4. Save an NWF file first and then save this file as and NWD file.
  5. Upload this file to ALICE.
  6. If you need to add any new elements like placeholder elements, create a separate view for it and export the NWC file. Append this to the NWF file and follow the same steps.

Navisworks Export– Default



Navisworks Export – Split per Level



Custom Export per View



  • If there is any change in a specific model, you have to export an NWC file then open the NWF file. This would refresh the updates. Then save the NWD file in a different location.
  • We are not uploading the NWF file because it only links the NWC files and saving it as an NWD file creates a raster file that includes all the elements.
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