CIM Development: XIII. Model Comparison in Navisworks

There are two very common Autodesk tools out there to compare model changes. One is Glue 360 and the other is Navisworks.
Since Navisworks is included in the Autodesk AEC bundle and ALICE can accept its files, we are focusing on Navisworks for this exercise.

To compare two versions of the Model in Navisworks, you need to have the exported NWC's from Revit. Once you have that, open it in Navisworks Manage. We will now compare this to the same project from a week before and see what changes we have. This file should also be an NWC/NWD file.

  1. With your main file open, click on 'Append' and open your older NWC file.


  2. Select both your NWD/NWC files an then go to 'Home > Tools > Compare'.


  3. When you click on 'Compare', you will get options for what you want to compare.


    In the case of ALICE, we want to track changes in the GUID's, so check the Unique ID's option in the 'Find Differences In panel'. I have also unchecked the 'Save each difference as Set' option so that we can make selection much easier. Click OK, this might take some time depending on the complexity of the BIM.

  4. Once the process has been completed, you get the results as Sets. We get 4 results here: 2 for the matched items and 2 for unmatched items. The unmatched items are what we need to look at. If you click on any of these Sets, you can directly select them in the view-port.

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