CIM Export: Design Change Management

When working on a project, change is one of the constants and a necessary part of the construction process. Changes in planning can be quickly tracked through ALICE, but before we do that, we need to update the BIM/CIM according to the changes. 

There are two ways we can handle change management in ALICE:

1. Design changes are made in the preferred BIM/CIM tool and then re-import the entire model into ALICE.mceclip0.png


2. You can divide your entire model in different disciplines like the shown image below, compile it in .nwf  file, then covert it in .nwd and then import it into ALICE. It is important to know that .nwf file does not contain any data. It only contains linked images of your .nwc files.

Let's say you use this method and you have design change in your Architecture as well as Structure model. You can do those changes in your preferred BIM/CIM tool, export .nwc for respective discipline as V2, replace that .nwc file in .nwf, export V2 of .nwd file, and then import it in ALICE. mceclip2.png

When you do groups and supports in ALICE, all that data is attached to model GUID's which comes from your model. By using this method you can retain your GUID's and recover the work that you have done in grouping and supporting by using Import from plan feature in ALICE.


In the image below, v1.0 is in green and v2.0 is in red. By using this method, you will retain all the information (Grouping and supports) where you haven't change anything (Indicated in Green). You will only have to give attention to the part where you did design changes.


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