Supports: Automatic Supports and Support as Chain in ALICE Pro

ALICE provides several user-friendly options how to assign supports or construction sequences: 

  • Support as Chain 
  • Automatic Supports

Support as Chain 

You can now create new supports by simply clicking on the elements in the order you want and using the new right-click > ‘support as chain’ feature. ALICE will remember the order you chose on click and assign supports in that order. Any possible support cycles will be detected and reported by ALICE to the user allowing them to cancel or move forward with overwriting the problematic supports.



Automatic Support

Easily assign supports in Plan: This new feature allows you to linearly assign supports in succession to selected elements along a chosen direction. For example, you may select a bottom-to-top direction for a highrise superstructure, a top-bottom direction for the substructure excavation, or a left-right direction for a tunneling job.




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