Groups: Auto-Grouping by Coordinates ALICE Pro

Auto-grouping is a powerful feature that helps to finalize the grouping phase in ALICE within minutes, to organize the family tree with a project-specific structure. 

ALICE provides two options of auto-grouping: 

  • Auto-Grouping by Coordinates 
  • Auto-Grouping by Parameters

Auto-Grouping by Coordinates: 

Auto-grouping by coordinates allows using the ALICE coordinate system, orientation, and increment to do a project-specific auto-grouping. 

To use the Auto-Grouping by Coordinates : 

  • Select required elements and go to the Group tab
  • Click on "auto-grouping" sing


  • In the opened window, go to the By Coordinates tab
  • Define the grouping Name, Direction, Index, and Tolerance
  • For the Increment, pay attention to following the note 


  • Click Create Groups  to finish the process

For more use-cases and instructions, watch the video below: 

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