Projects & Plans: Project Plans in ALICE

Plans are powerful tools in ALICE intended to make the version control and project updates more intuitive.  

In ALICE, plans can be used: 

  • For the project version control
  • To do 3D model updates 
  • To develop different construction strategies such as alternative support sequence (construction sequence) and grouping strategy 

  • In the Project List view, click on the project name to open the Plans tab.
  • There are two options to create plans in ALICE:
     - Create a new plan
     - Copy existing plan


  • The New Plan option requires to upload of a new 3D model when the Copy option does not. 


  • With Import From Plan feature, you can transfer the grouping and supports settings from the previous to the new plans. 
  • NOTE: Recipes and Resources are shared across all plans for the project. 

    For more instructions, please watch the video below: 

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