Product Newsletter: April 2022


Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback about ALICE! We have been listening and working to build the best generative construction simulation solution. Here are the improvements that have been completed in April:


New features

  • Ability to create new 2D Elements from the Diagram View: You no longer have to use the 'Edit Data' table every time you wish to add new 2D elements to your model. Simply click on 'Add element', type the desired name, and click 'Create'. You can even create elements in bulk by using the “;” separator between names.
    • Benefits: This makes working with ALICE 2D accessible to a wider range of users and helps with ALICE adoption.



  • Ability to create/edit supports using the 2D Diagram: You can now set up your support structure directly fromthe 2D diagram without having to use the 'Edit Data' table.
    • Benefits: This improves the user experience of working in the new ALICE 2D environment, and makes it more accessible to planners that are not comfortable working with excel sheets.




  • 2D Elements are retained through model updates: You can now upload model updates, and as long as you use 'Import from Plan', the 2D elements created in that plan will be retained in the new one.
  • Added sort and filter capabilities to Milestones table: You can now sort and filter by the different columns in the 'Milestones' table, which will make it easier to manage long milestone lists. For example, you can sort by constraint date to view milestones according to their deadlines/deliver dates.
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