Product Newsletter: May 2022

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback about ALICE! We have been listening and working to build the best generative construction simulation solution. Here are the improvements that have been completed in May:


New features

  • Optional Model Upload: You are now able to use ALICE without a 3D model. When you start a new project, if you don’t upload a 3D model, you will still be able to use the 2D view and the 'Edit Data' table to create elements, define support, add custom properties, and assign recipes. You will not be able to use mobile cranes and the adjacency constraint.
    • Benefits: Customers who want to leverage the optioneering capabilities of ALICE without wanting to develop 3D models are now able to do that. If their main goal is to de-risk an existing P6 schedule and then optimize it, then this removes the task of having to create a placeholder BIM.


  • ‘Key Date’ type Milestones: You can now specify from the Plan page which milestones are considered “Key Dates”. This means that those milestones will be the only ones to show up in summary metrics (solution cards in explore, diamond icons in summary comparison, and diamond icons in Manage Analytics). Both milestone types will still show in the Gantt as well as the parameter sets in Explore.
    • Benefits: Planners and Project Managers are able to more quickly find and communicate key performance metrics as they are evaluating different strategies in precon and/or tracking performance over time in the Manage phase.



  • Search and Filter capabilities in Milestone list: You can now easily filter and search through long milestone lists.
  • Manage Status Update Form Improvements: The date and time input fields are now separate. You are able to set each in one click without having to confirm changes twice. You can no longer accidentally clear the input fields. Please watch the release video for more details.
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