Product Newsletter: June 2022

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback about ALICE! We have been listening and working to build the best generative construction simulation solution. Here are the improvements that have been completed in June:


New features

  • Import Calendars from P6: You can finally import your P6 calendars into ALICE, and not have to recreate every single holiday and non-working exception manually.
    • Benefits: Planners can now import their standard template calendars directly from P6. This means that time to value is shortened and any rework related to setting up those calendars is removed.



  • Scenario Filters: You can now search through your scenario names and descriptions to more easily find what you are looking for.
    • Benefits: This makes scenario navigation and communication easier and faster, which increases the ability of our users to communicate value to their colleagues.



  • Tabular Editing of Milestones: You can now create, remove, and edit large amounts of Milestones in a tabular format. This also includes copying from another source (such as P6 or excel) into ALICE.
    • Benefits: This allows faster plan set up for projects with a large amount of Milestone and/or procurement constraints, as well as faster evaluations of the effect of various delivery date sets on the performance of a project.


  • Cancel Tasks based on property values: You can now use custom properties to dissolve operations from certain recipe instances. Simply use a zero value and the operation will be removed from the final schedule. The predecessor/successor logic will be stitched.
    • Benefits: This allows planners to use a single master recipe for various element variations rather than have to create a recipe variation for every missing operation.



  • Explore Page Design Updates: The explore page layout is updated. The out of sync icon is now less obtrusive. Scenarios are automatically highlighted and scrolled to when their dots are selected. Manage and Ex-Managed dots are rendered on top of others. A “show all” button is added to make going back from isolation filters more user friendly. As well as multiple visual enhancements are now added to the explore page.
  • Ability to delete non-3d elements: You can now delete non-3D elements. To do that, simply select the element in the 2D view and hit the “delete” key or remove the row from the edit data table.
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