Product Newsletter: July 2022

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback about ALICE! We have been listening and working to build the best generative construction simulation solution. Here are the improvements that have been completed in July:


New features

  • Import Project Resources from P6: You can now import the Labor, Equipment, and Material resources from P6. Simply upload the file in the tab of the resources drawer, and select the Labor/Equipment/Material resources you’d like to import. You can make some bulk customizations, e.g. a subcontractor, calendar, and availability values before completing the import.
    • Benefits: This reduces any duplicate work when transitioning from P6 to ALICE, as well as enables users to leverage the resource library templates they have built-in P6. This also reduces time to value by allowing users to import all needed resources at once so that they are not slowed down by having to create a new resource every time it comes up in a recipe.


  • In-app Notification for '0' Duration Operations: From now on, the Duration tab in the Operation card will have a warning that activities with 0 duration will be omitted from the schedule, as well as how the precedence logic will be handled.
    • Benefits: Informs the user about expected behavior to prevent input mistakes and facilitates model setup.


  • Allow free editing in the edit data table: Users often work with ALICE data in excel and then transfer that data back into ALICE. Prior to this improvement, users had to make sure that every item in the table is sorted exactly as it was before it was exported to excel, otherwise the import would not work. This is no longer the case, as long as the properties are now mapped to the element IDs which reduces a lot of the frustration points with using that feature.
  • Recipe list pagination: Since multiple new projects have been using hundreds and even thousands of recipes, pagination was implemented in the recipe list (20 recipes per page) which will allow faster load times and performance for the recipes modal.
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